Weekly Roundup 📰

All the Skate Stuff You Should Know

Adidas linked up with Unity Skateboarding, an Oakland-based LGBTQ skate collective for a ‘Don’t Be Afraid of Who You Are’ collection. And yes, it rules.

Unity was born when its founder, Jeffrey Cheung met other queer skaters, got stoked, and thought it’d be cool to start a little queer skate crew. Since, the crew has transformed into a trans-national community with a major focus on inclusion, empowerment, and positivity in skateboarding. The collection releases today via adidas.com/skateboarding.

🗞 Now You Know

    • If you watched his IG Stories you’ve seen Neen Williams run over his decks with his car before he skates them. Now we know why.
    • Vans Europe just welcomed Rob Maatman to the team. In honor of the announcement, he’s gracing us with a dope edit filmed entirely in Holland during the lockdown.
    • On Monday, Virgil Abloh announced Lucien Clarke would be the first skater to ride for Louis Vuitton history. Clarke is also releasing a part by end of the year.
    • Skate photog William Sharp published a new book filled with shots that capture the origin of vert skating from the 70s titled “Back In The Day.”
    • Primitive and New Balance Numeric linked up for the first in a series of collabs. New shoe and a quick little edit to go with the edit.
    • Non-profit skateboarding organization Make Life Skate Life is hosting an online screening of “No Comply” this weekend. The skateboard documentary features a group of skateboarders in Morocco defying gender and social norms.
    • Coming off the heels of the Dunk Low x MEDICOM TOY BE@RBRICK release Nike SB is dropping the color-changing Dunk Low by Civilist.
    • The rad folks over at Coda Skateboards recently took some time to inject some positivity into the world through one of their favorite mediums: concrete.
    • The Birdman recently took some time out of his day to help 12-year-old phenom Sky Brown jump Elliot Sloan’s mega ramp.
    • Team KOSTON vs Team SHANE Final: THE RELAY. This is the Final – who will take the win and reign supreme as the SLS Games King?!

🎥 Must Watch

1️⃣ Fucking Awesome dropped a quick little Louie Lopez edit.

2️⃣ Justin Sommer stopped the skate world with his part in “Til the End – Vol.4” and now he’s sitting down to break it down frame by frame.

3️⃣ Monster Children is continuing its “One Night In” series and they scooped up Mike Anderson and Louie Lopez for to sessions around Los Angeles.

4️⃣ The Badalona locals just released an edit ripping through some of their favorite local spots in “BACK TO LA BOBILA.”

5️⃣ The dudes up North at Wordzine dropped a rad video with serious homie vibes and a spicy backside flip to switch bomb too.

And 5 more for ya…

1️⃣ SOLO Mag recently released a kickass edit from French brand, Pulsar Bearings featuring ripper Hugo Corbin.

2️⃣ JP Souza pushed out a heavy solo part, “I’ll be Around.” If you were into his “Bella Terra” edit that dropped back in May this is a can’t miss.

3️⃣ Santa Cruz decided to get out of the city and explore nature in their latest video that has the team headed up to Mt. Shasta Park.

4️⃣ Venture cruised around with Drake Johnson, Ben Gore, and others as they tore through SF in “San Francisco Moves

5️⃣ China’s marble plazas provide fertile ground for Bowerbank, Kim, Vidal, Dilo and the crew as they throw out hotlines and hammers in Almost’s “Journey of Time & Spirits

📹 BONUS: Indy just dropped the rough cut for “Sloshin Around” featuring Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Clive Dixon and Shawn Hale ripping.

🎒 Gear

    • Jamie Thomas’ Garage Days Collection, which features rare & random items from his past has been posting some gems lately.
    • Baker is gracing us with a few new boards and they’re hella clean. But they’re not the only ones.
    • Deathwish is out with some kickass graphics. They’ve got a handful of logo boards and a new Jake Hayes pro model too.
    • Keep them feet cushy. Chris Cole is hitting us with some rad “Spirit Animal” Remind Insoles
    • Zero got a new batch of END RACISM tees in a variety of colors. $5 from each shirt sold will be donated to support racial equality.
    • DC has a Lukoda coming our way September 5th and ooooooooh boy.
    • Emerica is hitting us with the Omen Lo and Omen Hi designed by Sasha Barr, a Seattle based designer, illustrator, skateboarder, and Grammy Award winning art director.
    • Diamond is releasing a Phillips hardware and capsule collection tomorrow at 12pm EST.
    • FA has a handful of graphics they’re releasing into the wild this coming Wednesday, September 2nd.

Mike V Street Plant

Ryan Sheckler, alongside several top athletes, released team Oakley’s remake of Bob Marley’s hit single “One Love.” The brand tapped British-Jamaican singer Celeste for the track alongside a music video following the athlete’s journeys.

Sheckler also sat down with *checks notes* Forbes to talk about the filming of the video and what he’s been up to these last couple of months, and the dude has been busy.