Behind the Story: We Are Skateboarders Documentary

Back in the late 2000’s, filmmaker Ben Duffy rounded up some of the most influential skaters at the time for an in-depth documentary titled “We Are Skateboarders.” The feature gave a platform to skaters who wanted to share their thoughts on the scene and skating history.

What many didn’t know was that there was A LOT going on behind-the-camera. And we’re not just talking about the work that went into putting the film together.

During that time, Duffy was not only scheduling interviews with skaters, managing editing and everything else that goes along with making the documentary, he was also battling mental illness.

“Behind The Story of We Are Skateboards” looks into what was going on in the filmmaker’s head during the time of it’s making. But also brings to the forefront the experience of making a film without any budget and un-diagnosed mental illness. This one is a must-watch.