Victoria’s Latest Edit is 🔥🔥🔥

The Honk Kong Collective Hits the Streets of Taipei

This might be one of our favorite videos to drop in the last couple of months.  Victoria, a collective of multicultural riders from Asian countries including Japan, Thailand, Korea, and Hong Kong recently dropped their latest edit — “BULLY.” 

The video coincides with a group exhibition the brand put together last year in October that showcased a range of artworks and musical performances. 

Victoria was founded by Art Leung and Alfie Shiukai when the two met at an art show a while back. What initially started as a zine turned into a skate-based brand because according to Art, “then we can do zines and do interviews and do whatever the f*ck you want.” The homies hit the ground running soon thereafter and Victoria was up and running.

Their SS20 just dropped a couple of days ago, which you can scope out here