Vans Showdown Contest Aims To Celebrate Style And Creativity

This whole little pandemic thing sort of upended the regularly scheduled programming for the Vans Shop Riot event over in the Asia Pacific region. But that wasn’t going to stop the brand from pushing forward. They put together a plan so they could keep the event moving. Now, bear with us because we got a little confused trying to figure this out. 

Step 1: Source footage (pre-COVID, of course) from skateshops around the Asia Pacific region to track down the best riders.

Step 2: Source obstacle designs from folks who want to help carve out the course.

Step 3: Skate! Well, hopefully, that’s how it goes down later this year at the Vans Showdown contest taking place at the House of Vans Asia.

Currently, Vans is in the second phase of programming that leads up to the event slated to take place later this year. In the first, pro Kyle Walker helped select the winners from the best video submissions of Asia’s top skateshops. These rippers will go from screen to concrete and take part in the event when it happens. 

You can check out more info on everything going down, including all of the footage and design concepts right here.