Vans | Credits

Vans has finally dropped “CREDITS.” The all-women’s skate video that features Breana Geering, Una Farrar, and Fabiana Delfino as the team crushes spots in New York, San Francisco, Montreal, Miami, Barcelona, and Melbourne.

Behind the lens was filmer Shari White who apparently had total creative control of the film, which was shot over about 10 months. You read that right. TEN. MONTHS. In an era where it seems like you have to drop clips on a daily basis, it’s amazing to see the time and work that went into the video. 

White used different formats including Super 8 and HD. Why you ask? According to White, Super 8 gives it that nostalgic feel while HD brings things back to life. 

But the best part might be how they came up with the name to the film. “Well, it came from the girls” according to White. “They thought it was a funny joke because some of them had sent clips to sponsors that just ended up in credits of videos.” That’s bonkers. 

More than ever we need to celebrate the diversity and inclusion of skating. CREDITS does just that. Here’s to more of it in the future. 

Other feature riders in the film include Beatrice Domond, Cher Strauberry, Clara Solar, Poppy Olsen, Helena Long, Adelaide Norris, Dayana Young and director Shari White herself.