Vans ‘Alright, OK’ is a Masterpiece

Last night, Vans premiered Greg Hunt’s “Alright, OK” starring Elijah Berle and Gilbert Crockett, with a guest appearance from Justin Henry. This is the must-watch video of 2020.

It was filmed over the last two years across Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, New York, Virginia, and California.

We could go on about the whole aesthetic of the video and how it’s catered towards telling the story of two or three homies. We could talk about how the ending music is so nostalgic. We could even talk about whether or not Berle and Crockett’s skating puts them ahead of Mason Silva when it comes to SOTY. But we won’t.

You should spend whatever time you have today watching this brilliant skateboard edit. And then watch it again. Enjoy, “Alright, OK.”