Tommy Sandoval, On The Other Side

“Tommy Sandoval. On The Other Side” is a new mini-documentary that premiered today. The mini-doc takes a look at Sandoval’s ups and downs throughout his career and how his excessive lifestyle finally led him down the path of realizing that he needed to get sober.

Dude is a legend and the fact that he took the time to open up and talk about this stuff is awesome.

Honored to say the least, humbled, and very fortunate to be a part of this series. TransWorld SKATEboarding videos have been my favorite since I was young, giving you that good feeling after watching them. Honestly I can say I feel the same about this but in a whole other way haha! I’m genuinely proud and feel accomplished of how far I’ve come, to see where I was to where I am now is a huge eye opener! If this mini doc offers up anything I hope it is a message that no matter what ur dealing with in life there is always an answer or solution and to work hard and never give up to achieve the goals you set in life 🙏 thanks again to everyone who made this possible!