Today Is #SkatersVoteDay

SF-based Deluxe Distribution, home of REAL, Antihero, and Krooked Skateboards, Thunder and Venture Trucks, and Spitfire Wheels are encouraging skaters across the U.S. to get out and vote.

A couple of weeks back DLXSF posted over on Instagram that gave a nod to how you can register to vote. Since they’ve been more vocal about not only registering to vote but why it’s more important to do so than ever.

Today, is the next milestone in their ‘Skaters Vote’ initiative otherwise known as Skaters Vote Day! The goal is to spread the word and get everyone rolling registered.

Here’s what you can do:

    1. Head over to and grab a Skaters Vote image.
    2. While you’re there, snag some voter registration links from the website to share as well.
    3. Post that shit to ALL of your social channels with the hashtag #SkatersVoteDay
    4. Text that shit to your friends
    5. Most important of all. Make sure YOU’RE registered to vote. It takes two minutes.

It’s important to know that Skaters Vote isn’t affiliated with any political party or campaign. It was created to “encourage skateboarders in the United States of America to register to vote and engage in the political process.”

Get out there and do the thing.