The Harry Jumonji Story

Harry Jumonji is a legendary skater. He turned pro when he was 11-years-old and is known for his serious steeze. Had it not been for his battle with addiction he would probably be in the skateboard hall of fame already.

In 2017, Director, Producer, and Photographer Erica Hill captured the story of Harry’s skateboarding career in a documentary. Now, “OG: The Harry Jumonji Story and The Birth of NYC Street Skating” is streaming on Amazon (free for Prime members).

The must-watch gives an insane firsthand account of what it was like skating in NYC before skating was really a thing. We’re talking about going back when it was all about just bombing down Broadway while trying not to get hit by a cab.

Back then there weren’t skate spots per se. The entire city was a skate spot to those dudes. And by those dudes, we mean the likes of Skip Engblom, Steve Olson, Dante Ross, Peter Bici, Bruno Musso, all of whom make appearances in the film.

NYC was different back then. At one point in the documentary, they talk about how NYC’s downtown scene was so vital to the influence of culture back then. Even mentioning how a typical day played out:

    1. Session in Washington Square Park
    2. Show at CBGB’s
    3. Hangs with Sade while Flava Flav jammed on piano

You know… just your typical Tuesday.

If you’re a Prime member definitely check this out. And even if you’re not you can cop the digital version here for a few bucks. Definitely worth your time and $$$.