Take Action

Skating is an outlet. A release for so many. It gives us the ability to tune out whatever is going on in our lives. We’d push. Kick. Slap. Then, throw our boards in the back of our car or go grab a biter to eat and we’re back to reality. But for so many, that’s not the case.

Skating is a byproduct of America. An America that has preserved a culture of inequality that gives basic rights to some and not to others. Black lives more than just matter, and the fact that we are in this same moment again is fucked.

We as humans need to do better. And we as skaters need to do better. Even if it means doing the difficult or inconvenient things to address the racism that happens on a daily basis within the skate community because it absolutely does.

We wondered a thousand times… are we the right ones to deliver these words right now? Do we even need to add to all the noise? Maybe not. But we can’t let this moment go by without speaking up.

    • Listen (if they want to share) to the black voices who aren’t always heard
    • Learn about the centuries of injustices that have taken place
    • Amply those who can’t always be heard and give them a platform
    • Organize and help resource the work of Black-led groups that are fighting

We don’t have all the answers and need to continue to educate ourselves every day. But in the meantime, we can take action

We also put together a page and are trying to aggregate resources here. If you have something we should add give us a