Leticia Bufoni

Sports Illustrated Catches Up With Leticia Bufoni

Sports Illustrated caught up with Leticia Bufoni about training for the Olympics and how she’s been coping with this topsy-turvy (and turbulent) year.

With this year’s contests put on pause, they chatted about Bufoni’s training routine, diet leading up to the Olympics, and how she managed quarantining at home earlier this year. The latter was probably easiest given her dope at-home park.

We pulled a few quotes below but be sure to check out the full article

On her training regime: 

We do a lot of functional training, a lot of bodyweight training, a lot of balance training. In skateboarding, you need a lot of balance.

On what she’s currently focused on:

Right now, I’m focusing on skating a lot and not getting injured. That’s my focus… not pushing the limits, not trying anything that’s too hard. Just training every day, getting my body at 100% and just being ready. Because this season is going to start in January and it’s not going to stop until the Olympics.