Sneakers Made For Skating

Bob Puleo talks skate shoe history

Almost a year ago at the 2019 Skateboarding Hall of Fame party, Dirk Vogel and Jürgen Blümlein showcased an exhibit of 20 Hall Of Fame inductees pro-endorsed skate shoes. Bobby Peluso dropped in a little early to scope out the collection.

The pieces from the collection were pretty dope. Some of the standouts included Guy Mariano’s Axion shoes that dropped in ’97, Daewon’s first DVS pair and Cara-Beth Burnside’s Vans that hit shelves back in ’97.

But, they also had a pair of Natas’ Etnies that were released back in 1989. Some may beg to differ but they’re said to be the first signature skate shoe that was ever released. Yup. You read that right. Apparently, when they first dropped they were only available in Europe. Vans released the original Cabellero’s a few months later. 

There are rumors floating around that Tony Hawk was having conversations with Airwalk but nothing ever materialized. Back then the only athletes who had shoe deals were the superstars of the day. And by superstars we mean Jordan. 

But stuff picked up after Natas set things off. By ’94 DC Shoes completely flipped the sneaker industry on its head. That combine with the skater-owned brands like éS, Osiris, and DVS, among others completely changed things. Things haven’t been the same since.