Photo credit: Dan Z

Slam City Sits Down With Corey Duffel

Some Truths About The Wonderful And Frightening World Of Skating

Slam City over in London isn’t only one of the UK’s oldest most reputable skate shops, they’re also one of the world’s best places to go to for super interesting interviews. Recently, they chatted with Corey Duffel.

From the outside looking in, Duffel never seems to be one that says away from sharing his thoughts on everything from skating, music, or the world in general. And his recent sit down with Slam City is no different.

In the super lengthy piece Duffel shares insight into what it was like traveling into SF to skate when he was super young, what it was like to ride for Foundation for more than 18 years, and how Osiris canned everyone one of his shoe design ideas, among other things.

Take some time today to read this piece if you can. It’s filled with a ton of hidden gems that touch on the ethos of skating.