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All the Skate Stuff You Should Know

Pro skater Hakeem Ducksworth hooked up with Black Arrow FC and the LA Galaxy for a short documentary that documents his journey from Compton to experiencing his first professional soccer match. The film is a 5 minute, stylized skate video, that touches on what it means to be a black skater from Compton – and how the lifestyle of skating kept him out of trouble. Ducksworth grew up in Compton, learned to skate, and eventually signed with Chocolate.



    • Kenny Anderson released a special series for Chocolate in honor of his mother with all proceeds going to RAINN. They’re available at local shops now.
    • Vans recently spent some time at Lotties Skateshop in LA to better understand what inspires owner Mike Gigliotti and chatted about why he wants to preserve the skate shop subculture for generations to come.
    • Designer Virgil Abloh has teamed up with Stevie Williams and DGK for a limited edition skateboard to benefit Saved By Skateboarding. Boards drop 8/1 on DGK’s site.
    • This coming Tuesday, Noisey and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater are livestreaming “Remastered”: A celebration of the comeback of the game with performances by Machine Gun Kelly, CHAII, Rough Francis, and Merkules.
    • What’s behind the current ‘boom’ in skating? No, we’re not going to tell ya. Head over to Jenkem and find out why.
    • Grant Brittain has been shooting skate photos for 41 years and has been going through the archives putting some insane prints up for sale. If you’re looking for something to put next to your wall hangers check these out.
    • Nestor Judkins’ prints and zines have helped raise more than $3,260 in support of The Ben Raemers FoundationSkateQilya and Cuba Skate. You check out the stuff right here.
    • Alexis Sablone shows no signs of slowing down and was recently profiled by Noah Johnson for GQ.
    • OG skateboarder and Baker skateboards founder, Andrew Reynolds is the latest pro to join the family over at Vans.
    • Italian podcast Skate Muzik caught up with Ray Barbee to talks about how skating acted as a gateway into the punk scene, and him ultimately picking up a guitar.
    • Mario Realegeno chats about how his skating inspires his art. 



    • Arizona crew A Happy Medium Skateboarding dropped… “A Happy Medium” in full. It’s 40-minutes of gnar, tech Gnar, and creative skating.
    • The Butter Goods crew free-flowed lines through Italy’s plazas and scenic streets in their latest “Expansions.”
    • Germany’s SOLO magazine premiered Patrick (aka ‘Paddy’) Zentgraf’s “Kiosq” part, filmed near the brand’s home base of Düsseldorf. 
    • Concrete Lodge out of Redding, CA dropped a rad homie video.
    • Dead on Arrival is a brand you shouldn’t sleep on. They just released WW3, which pays homage to classic World videos’ styling and editing.
    • Free Skate Mag recently uploaded Zander Mitchell’s part from “Boltswagen” and it’s pretttttty sweet.
    • Matt Miller isn’t letting his foray into real estate stop him from dropping new parts on Thrasher.
    • The Antiz guys came around with a new edit of their whole team full of gnarly tricks on pretty unknown spots.
    • Nick Holt returns to The Berrics with his new full-length part “Hello.”
    • Santa Cruz is out with Henry Gartland’s at “Raw Til The End” footage.
    • Almost released a remix compilation of footage from yesteryear featuring Fran Molina, Youness Amrani, Yuri Facchini, and others.


    • Diamond partnered with the NBA and WB Style for a new Space Jam capsule collection featuring the entire Tune Squad.
    • Isle Skateboards released its summer line and it includes a new Artist Series with the likes of Jenna Westra.
    • Globe has teamed up with Wasted Mag for the Wasted Talent Dover II — an evolution of the popular Dover inspired by the classic Aussie Chelsea boot.
    • Visit released its summer line with hardwoods from the likes of Kelly Hart and Ryan Gallant.
    • The iconic Kalis franchise continues to evolve with the Kalis Vulc.
    • Jesus Fernandez has a few one-off boards coming out for Chocolate.
    • Vincent Touzery’s debut FA pro model is available now.
    • NB Numeric is put out its classic all-black #NM213 and they are hella clean.⁠
    • éS is out with its Podium Pack inspired by past sports history and heritage.



Step 1: Source footage (pre-COVID, of course) from skateshops around the Asia Pacific region to track down the best riders. 

Step 2: Source obstacle designs from folks who want to help carve out the course. 

Step 3: Skate! Well, hopefully, that’s how it goes down later this year at the Vans Showdown contest taking place at the House of Vans Asia.

Currently, Vans is in the second phase of a campaign that leads up to the Showdown which is meant to take place later this year. This whole pandemic thing was a bit of a curveball but that’s not slowing things down. The first portion video showdown just wrapped up with pro Kyle Walker choosing the winning submissions. These winners will go from screen to concrete and take part in the contest when it happens. You can check out more info on everything going down, including all of the footage and design concepts right here.