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All the Skate Stuff You Should Know


This Sunday. Go Skateboarding Day! That’s right. You didn’t this what was going on was going to stop everyone. Check out Go Skateboarding Day’s site or IG for a list of some of the events going down across the world. And don’t forget to wear a mask if you head out!

From GSD’s Executive Director Mark Waters:

We encourage everyone to skate at home, exercise proper social distancing if you’re out and about, and to film a trick, wherever you are, and post it with #GSDBestTrick. And as always, be respectful, avoid conflicts, and watch out for each other.”



    • EA has announced a new Skate game is in the “really early” works.
    • Toy Machine released a handful of sweet animations based on its Programming Injection video. Check ‘em out over on the Toy Machine IG.
    • Vans published an awesome feature on The Skate Witches. Tired of not seeing skaters they identified with represented in mainstream skate magazines and films, the founders decided to make their own media instead. 
    • Back in March, USC published a study that showcased the importance in skating in communities. This week, The Times caught up with its authors for an update.
    • Supreme OGs Akira Mowatt and Alex Corporan reflect on the mid-90’s NYC skate scene and chat how a “skate rat clubhouse” grew into one of the most recognizable brands in the world.
    • In the wake of Jeff Grosso’s passing, Rick Charnoski and Buddy Nichols publish a final love letter on the LGBTQ+ community.
    • The Nine Club caught up with Neen Williams to chat his workout routine, filming for a new Deathwish video, skating with Jamie Foy in person, and so much more.



    • Bronson released a sick edit of Zion Wright to coincide with his own pro colorway of Bronson‘s G3 bearings.
    • Tony Hawk is up to something and it looks absolutely bonkers🌪 😳
    • Will Kromer’s Brooklyn Projects x Transworld video part is pretty gnarly
    • 303 boards out of Colorado just dropped a rad shop video — ‘Vol. 2
    • The Creature crew rips through Vegas, Salt Lake, Denver, and Albuquerque in Creach x CreachWest Raw and Uncut!
    • Hella clean footage of Dylan Jaeb in MOB Grip’s latest video.
    • The final installment of Primitive’s ‘Behind The Missions’ series. Strap yourself in for this one. 
    • Not going to pretend we know much about this one but ‘MR ÉMiLE’ is definitely worth checking out.
    • Zach Chamberlin’s Helen dropped online in its entirety via Free this morning. The tradition of browned-out VX1000 footage on the streets of S.F. is alive and well


    • Primitive hasn’t slowed down. They’re continuing to drop more summer online exclusives and we can only hope they keep ‘em coming.
    • The full Lakai x FTP collection is releasing today at 12 pm PST over on their site.
    • Darkroom is releasing new hardgoods and softgoods. Spoiler: they’re rad! For those who don’t know the legendary Don Pendleton (Alien Workshop, Element, etc.) owns the brand and does all the design.
    • We mentioned it a little while back but Bam and Novak’s collab is live over on The Heart Supply’s site. A portion of proceeds benefits @attackaddiction where the mission is to raise awareness about the disease of addiction.


Dan Mancina is starting a podcast!

Dan Mancina is a rad skater who inspired so many. Now, the blind skater is getting in the podcast game! Mancia had a heredity disease which caused him to lose more than 90% of his vision but that hasn’t stopped him from ripping through the streets. A few words from Dan about what he’s hoping to share.

From Dan:

This will be a place where I can talk freely and not have to censor myself… I’ll also include separate episodes giving advice to those who are visually impaired and getting into skateboarding, such as techniques, reading Thrasher articles, give audio descriptions for new and classic video parts, and much more.