4Ply Breaks Down A Ton of Skate Data

4PLY Mag dropped some heavy knowledge on us yesterday. They linked up with Quartersnacks to analyze their top 10 video picks from 2020. We’re talking some next-level CIA-type stuff.

The 4Ply crew logged 49 weeks’ worth of skate data, including things like tricks, stances, and spots. They then sifted through all of that info and turned it into super interesting categories and insights.

They looked at things like ‘most appearances from a skater’ and ‘top tricks’ to breakdown a few rad trends. For example, check out this sweet little nugget:

16.3% of tricks were done switch or nollie, which is surprisingly low. The skater with the most switch/nollie clips was Lucas Puig, who went 6-for-6 to sweep the category.

The squad even looked at things like terrain. We’re talking about the kind of skate spots that the Quartersnacks’ crew were digging based on their top 10 picks. After running the numbers, 4Ply gives us this…

Skateboarding Data
Source: 4ply, “Run It Back Turbo: 4PLY Analyzes the Quartersnacks Top Ten”

The article is quite a long read but, it’s totally worth it if you’re looking to nerd out on some skate data. Stoked for more of this in the future. Who knows, maybe we can even link up with 4Ply for a sweet sweet data run.