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All the Skate Stuff You Should Know


Bam Margera and Brandon Novak teamed up with The Hearth Supply for a “Love & Hate” project. It’s meant to bring awareness to disease and addiction with a portion of the proceeds raised from the project to benefit @attackaddiction. All of the gear drops next week and can be picked up here.

The Heart Supply was established by Element founders Johnny and Kori Schillereff, and their children Lenox and Camp.



    • Kenny Hughes was inducted into the North Carolina Skateboard Hall of Fame! If anyone is deserving of such an honor it’s that dude. Just have a look at what Mike Sinclair had to say…

“The first time I saw Kenny Hughes I had to do a double take, shit it might of been a triple take now that I think of it. I never saw anyone that powerful be so smooth on a skateboard.”

    • iDabble VM published the raw cut of the interview they did with Boo Johnson to check-in on how things are going over at his new skate shop, Pharmacy, in Long Beach CA.
    • Tommy Sandoval. On The Other Side” is a new mini-documentary that premieres today. The doc explores Sandoval’s ups and downs throughout his career and how his excessive lifestyle finally led him down the path of realizing that he needed to get sober.
    • North Skate Mag recently sat down with Mike Blabac. You know, only one of the most badass skate photographers around.
    • Jenkem did a killer feature on the one and only Soviet skate museum. Spoiler: They have some awesome shit.
    • His nomadic lifestyle and creative skating inspired thousands. Kenny Reed chops it up with The Bunt about his career and how he became the coach for The National Skateboarding Team of Myanmar.
    • Ever wonder what it’s like to be one of the first NYC skaters to turn pro for Andy Howell’s 1992 Underworld Element dream-team? Jeff Pang gives you the scoop in the latest from Slam City.



    • Justin Henry talks about his community work in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, and journey from young talent to pro in a short film “Justin Henry’s World Peace.”
    • Globe dropped “Joy to the World.” An ode to a time before the quarantine.
    • Andy Anderson has got some insane mind-bending flat ground moves.
    • The next clip in Primitive’s ‘Behind The Missions’ series sees Miles Silvas step up for the Encore video deadline.
    • Jahmir Brown, John Shanahan, Shaun Paul, and the squad rip in DC’s “Lukoda.” BTW, DC is donating the US and Canada online sales from it’s Bronze56K collab to the BLM movement.
    • Spain lifted its COVID-19 lockdown to allow citizens to get exercise between either 6 am and 10 am or 8 pm and 11 pm. Clearly, Daniel Lebron is a morning person


    • Pete Thompson was a prolific skate photographer who caught some sick shots during the mid-’90s. In celebration of his forthcoming 93 Tilbook, DGK teamed up with Pete on a limited run deck collab.
    • Girl released a Beastie Boys Spike Jonze capsule filled with a host of decks, hoodies, and tees.
    • Primitive dropped Summer ‘20 board graphics and they’re 🔥🔥🔥
    • Everybody Skates re-released and updated version of the “THANK YOU” tee. It was originally released a few years back in celebration of Black History Month.



“Loveletters to Skateboarding”

Vans launched the eleventh season of “ Loveletters To Skateboarding,” but there’s a twist. This was the last season filmed with Jeff Grosso. The legendary skater and host of the series, who was a champion for inclusive skateboarding, passed away suddenly earlier this year. It’s amazing to see this continue.

🎙 Finally, a special shout-out to the dudes in The Nine Club who celebrated their 100th EXPERIENCE EPISODE!!