Skate Photographer Grant Brittain Goes Back in Time

Behind-the-scenes with Tony Hawk and Vans

Grant Brittain has photographed everyone in skating. No joke. You name them he’s snapped a shot of ‘em. That includes Tony Hawk.

It was only natural for the two of those dudes to link up and recreate one of Brittain’s photo’s from 37 years ago for Hawk’s Vans rider announcement.

Brittain took some time on his site to talk about how things came together so they could recreate photos from “Sanoland,” the drainage-ditch spot in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California.

The portrait that I took of Tony in 1983 shows him just sitting on his board at the end of the pipe, looking at me and my Minolta camera and holding still for a quick snapshot. I didn’t plan to shoot it—I just did.