Skate In Peru Explores Role of Skating in South America

A new film titled, “Skate in Perú” was released online earlier this week. The documentary explores the role that skateboarding plays in young people’s lives in Lima, Peru.

The film was shot by Steffan Roe Griffiths who’s a Welsh filmmaker, specializing in vignette dramas & intimate documentaries about subcultures and creative individuals.

Griffiths has also done a handful of other previous docs including a similar skateboarding doc, “Skate in Tokyo.”

Check out a quick snippet of how the film came to be from the man behind the camera:

Just before the pandemic, I was in Peru to shoot a music video, and to film Peruvian skaters / the Olympic-qualifying skateboard event there — this was to get footage that could give some global context in my feature documentary (over an hour in length), Skate in Tokyo.

Of course, Covid-19 meant that the qualifying event and the actual Olympic Games were postponed… And so Skate in Tokyo would be too.

Rather than leave my footage from Perú unshared, I decided to use a few minutes of it to make a short film, Skate in Perú.

Skaters featured in the film include Helaman CamposFabio Young , Victor R Alvarez, and Arianne Gozzing.