Nyjah II Crook

Skate Filming Has Forever Changed

Nyjah's Line for Nike SB is Next Level

Nyjah filmed a new line to drop with the release of his latest Free 2. Coming from arguably the best skaters in the game right now everyone knew it would be 🔥. We didn’t expect that cinematography behind the line to be on par with the latest Netflix release. Although, Ty Evans was behind things so we probably should have.

The clip was filmed in Downtown LA by Wild Rabbit Aerial who according to their site use “UAV tech for low altitude aerial cinematography.” In other words badass drones. The man controlling the ripper that was chasing Nyjah as he crooked that rail was Johnny Schaer, a drone pilot from Chicago, Illinois. 

To dream up this concept is insane but to think of the possibilities in terms of skate filming is even wilder. From street to vert to parks and pools, having complete mobility to capture skating is going to change the way edits are put together. Now, all skaters have to do is get used to a drone zipping around them as they huck we’ll be set.

Check out the full clip and some raw files of Nyjah below.