Lotties Shirts for a Cause

When Shops Come Together

There’s no doubt we’re living in an ‘interesting’ time to say the least. Yes, it sucks. Yes, you’re probably bored. There’s no doubt you’ve got cabin fever. But, there’s one thing we all can do and that’s support and celebrate our local shops!

For those who haven’t heard a bunch of them came together. Well, Lotties Skateshop out in California started the whole thing and from there it was a national gathering.

Here’s how it went down:

Lotties had dope community t-shirt idea and went to the Gram to spread the word.

They created a few graphics for the front of the tee. And then from word-of-mouth pulled together the names of local skater-owned shops from around the country to print on the back.

Now, here’s the rad part. They gave the design away to all the shops that were included on the back of the tee. Why you ask. So the shops could print up some kickass merch and YOU could buy it.

Everyone out there is struggling in one way or another. But, if you can afford to help out your local shop don’t hesitate to do it and pick something up from the online shop.


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UPDATE: there’s an entire new sheet with all other shops added to it. No need to tag your local. Attention skateshops! Community t-shirt idea. All shops choose a drawing I did for the front of the shirt, then choose a “skateshop” font for below. The back of the shirt is the list of all the US shops I know about. Print these shirts on your own, we all are on there, all involved, make some money and support one another while this lockdown is on. You can choose any of the drawings, however you want. If you are a legitimate skater owned shop, DM me and I can email you the hi-res files for printing. To any shop I forgot, it’s not too late, hit me up and I’ll add your name to the list. The last two pics on here are examples of what I’m talking about in case I’m not making sense.

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