RVCA’s “The Balance of Opposites”

RVCA’s “The Balance of Opposites” is a collection of footage accumulated from the RVCA skate team between 2017 and 2019 featuring Reynolds, Suciu, and the rest of the crew.

During the two year span, the team explored four continents in search of the best-untapped skate spots they could find.

The film is named after the RVCA logo, which is based on the two chevrons (a V-shaped pattern), the V & the A, representing the brand’s ethos. Clever.

“The Balance of Opposites” is also the first full-length RVCA skate video that’s been put out years. We went down a rabbit hole trying to find the last one but didn’t have any luck. So, if you know what it was give us a shout and we’ll get this updated. In the meantime, enjoy the latest above from the RVCA crew.