Rune Glifberg Guest Board For Madness

Rune Glifberg has been a busy man as of late. Today, it was announced he’s back for Tony Hawk Pro Skater but he’s also got some fresh hardgoods out too.

In an epic video spot, Glifberg announced that he’s got a guest board out for Madness. Well, two if you want to get technical. His Destroyer graphic was printed on your standard popsicle deck and a Nicky Guerrero-inspired knuckles shape that sits at 9.75 wide and it’s just *chef’s kiss*

You can pick up one of the boards over on the Madness website but that’s not all! Glifberg dropped a quick little :30s edit to get us hyped on the release that you can check out above.

Rune Glifberg Madness Skateboards