RIP Elaine Shallcross

The founder of the #ShuvitCancer movement who inspired us all to be better

Elaine Shallcross, the badass and amazing 68-year-old from Scotland, lost her fight with cancer recently. Elaine inspired so many around the world to be better through the #ShuvitCancer movement.

The idea for Elaine’s unique way of telling cancer to shove it came from her son-in-law, who is a skateboarder himself, and suggested Elaine should tell cancer to shove it by performing this trick. From there, the #SHUVITCANCER movement was born to help raise money for breast cancer research and documented on Elaine’s IG account.

Shallcross’ grit and tenacity permeated throughout the skateboard community and transcended the globe. Skaters including Tony Hawk, Daewon Song, Tory Pudwill, and even the dudes at The Nine Club couldn’t help but send words of encouragement and get stoked on what she was doing.

As of today, Elaine managed to help raise more than £25,472, which will be donated to the University of Aberdeen Development Trust. And there’s also a Shuvit Cancer Day in-the-works on July 10th so stay tuned for more updates on that in the coming weeks.

Thanks again, Elaine for inspiring so many and reminding us all how skating can have such an impact.