HUF Real Skateboards

Deluxe Releases HUF Boards, and a Story

Jim Thiebaud and the crew over at Deluxe had a rad idea. Ship 200 special HUF decks to shops worldwide for free as a way for them to have Huf hanging on their walls forever. Then, sell the remaining decks and donate the funds to an organization of the Hufnagel family’s choice.

But plans changed a bit when they found a typo in one of the graphics. That’s where things get good. Take a look at the full story, including the hilarious exchange between Thiebaud and Huf below.

E before I. No matter what spell check says.

Our idea for these Special Huf decks was to send 200 to shops worldwide for free as a way for them to have Huf hanging on their walls forever. The remaining decks were going to be sold, with funds raised going to the Hufnagel family so they could donate to good organizations of their choice.

But… slight change of plans now…

Back in July, we finished the art for the decks, but with the Pandemic, we couldn’t make them as quickly as we hoped. Wanting to get the art to Huf, we printed up a card of it to send to him, and that’s when we realized his first name was spelled wrong. Knowing he would get a kick out of it, I sent him both versions of the art in the card. When I saw him a few days later, we laughed about it, how after all these years, we’re still making typos, even with his name…

In the scramble that this year has been for everyone, something happened in the making of these special decks (something always happens, no matter how hard you’re trying, right?). The misspelled version of the art was somehow used and they got out to some distributors before catching it.

This was and remains a very special deck in our hearts. We miss Huf daily. Even with all hands on deck, with everyone having the best intentions behind a plan, mistakes happen. That happened here.

So yeah, a slight light change of plans…

We’ll be crediting our distributors for all the misprint ones they got. For the ones that have already headed out Internationally, or we can’t get back, we’re asking them to divide em up and send them for free to local skate organizations and nonprofits in need of some super limited, from the heart, misspelled Huf tribute decks to ride or sell (clearly – as collector’s items 😉) to help fund their programs.

We’re working to re-run these the right way as quickly as possible. More info when we know the timeline.

P.S. – If you see, or are able to donate to get a typo one – keep it. Hopefully, it brings a smile to your face as you remember Keith (and how to spell his first name).
I know I will.