Professor Schmidt

If you’ve ridden a skateboard in the last decade, it was probably designed or inspired by a dude named Paul Schmitt. As the owner of PS Stix Inc. and a guy who’s worked with brands like Habitat, Element, Flip, and Alien, (ever heard of them?) Schmidt is responsible for more than 10 million total skateboards since he first started in the game.

New Deal Skateboards Founder Paul Schmitt. Photo credit: New Deal Skateboards

So who is this mystery man that’s been behind some of the most killer design changes in the history of skateboarding? Let’s take a look at the past, present, and future of the man they call Professor Schmidt.

The Birth of the Professor

A look at the PS Stix factory. Photo credit: Professor Schmidt

What were you doing when you were 14 years old? When it comes to Paul Schmidt, he was under his mom’s car in the driveway. What was little Paul doing out there? Oh, just using the weight of his mom’s tire to press a skateboard design — the first of a long line of them.

For reasons even he doesn’t understand, Paul has always been interested in skateboards beyond just riding them. He wanted to make them, and find new ways to make them better for skateboarders.

That led to a long career of skateboard manufacturing and design that saw him produce boards for some of the biggest names in skateboarding, plus millions of kids around the world who saw the greats defy gravity and decided to try it themselves.

Adapting & Rebelling

As skateboarding has evolved and changed, Professor Schmidt and his approach have changed with it. When skateboarding experienced a time where it was less popular, he refused to believe that the sport would die. He stuck with it, and eventually, it reached even greater heights.

When many skateboard companies started shutting their doors, Schmidt found ways to lower production costs and keep making money while still delivering value and quality to his customers. That’s what happens when you apply a skater’s rebel spirit to the world of business.

More Than Skateboards

Despite all of his business success, Professor Schmidt’s biggest achievement has nothing to do with money. He knows runs CreateASkate, an organization dedicated to using the power of skateboarding to teach kids valuable life skills and subjects—especially those they may not have an interest in otherwise. By connecting skateboarding to things like conservation and science, he helps kids learn without them even knowing it, all while riding a board.


Still a Skater at Heart

So has all his success made Paul lose his place as a skating rebel? Hell way. Sure, he has a pool in his backyard — but he also has a second pool, one that’s kept empty for shredding sessions. From dominating the world of skateboard manufacturing to helping kids love both skating and learning, Professor Schmidt is guaranteed to keep having an impact on the sport we all love so much.