Primitive Lockdown

And you thought private IG accounts were bad

Primitive pulled a genius move this week. They gated their entire website. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “why in the fu*k would they do that?” Well, to be honest we’re not totally sure.

Screen Shot 2020 05 28 at 10.48.54 AM


If you went to you’d be hit with notification to enter your phone number in order to browse. It wasn’t just a page or piece of gear that was part of the site, it was THE. ENTIRE. WEBSITE.

Maybe it’s a little annoying but it’s a small price of entry to gain access to the slew of hard and soft goods behind-the-scenes.

Once you throw in your details they hit you with a text and code that gets you in to browse the full site.

We can only guess that the brand gated the site to build hype its latest Good for Life collection that drops today. Nonetheless, if we’re going to toss our boards aside and throw on our corporate marketing hats this idea is brilliant.

    1. They hit you with that intrigue. “Hey, I’m just trying to scope out some skate gear. WTF is happening?”
    2. Then they get you to bite. “Aight. I’m here. Take my info!”
    3. Boom. You’re browsing.

Latest Good for Life drops today, 5/28 at 11 am PST as an online exclusive.