Primitive Reveals Fall Board Lineup

Primitive and its riders, including Miles Silva, are teasing their fall board collection and it is 🔥🔥🔥

Mikes Silva “DIVE” at 8.125″
Spencer Hamilton “BENTO” at 8.125″
Wade DesArmo “RESEARCH” at 8.0″
Carlos Ribeiro “EVOLVE” at 8.38″
Dirty P “CYCLES” at 8.0″
Franky Villani “SOCK MONSTER” at 9.125″
Team Dirty P “SCORPION” at 8.5″
Trend McClung “LATER” at 8.125″
Paul Rodriguez “THREAT” at 8.25″

Oh, and it also looks like they’ve got a bunch of pretty good soft goods in-store too.