Pete Thompson On His New Book ’93 Til

Photos, Quotes, and Anecdotes From Legends like Arto Saari, Jamie Thomas, Guy Mariano, And Others.

Pete Thompson is well known in the skate industry. For years, he captured some of its most epic moments through film. In September, his new book drops and features more than 200 pages of photos and antidotes from the skate scene between the early ’90s to 2004.

’93 Til is a portal into a different time when skating and culture was less about that clip to throw on IG and more about pushing. The book captures the grit, spirt, and stories of what it was like to rip through the scene back in the day.

In a new interview with Free Mag, Thompson sat down to share some background on his candid shots, shooting a sequence back then on film, contests, and a ton more.

He’s also doing something pretty awesome with the first run of the book by only having it available to purchase in skateshops. For the first month, you won’t be able to get it in traditional bookstores if you want one. Why? The first 2,500 copies are a special edition and feature additional photos, which is pretty badass if you ask us.

Check out the full interview with Pete here and scope out more info on the book here.