Palace Unveils Capsule Collection in Support of NHS

All Profits to Support Frontline Workers

Palace Skateboards is honoring the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) with the release of an “NHS TRI-TO HELP” capsule.

The release is comprised of a T-shirt, crewneck, and hoodie, which all feature a spin on Palace’s signature logo. The updated logo channels the colors from the NHS color scheme and is featured on the front and back of each piece.

All of the proceeds from the capsule will be donated to the NHS Charities Together, which supports many aspects of the NHS. This includes the frontline workers who are currently treating those who are sick.

Unfortunately, the release won’t be available in the states but if you have a friend over in Europe, tell them to pick this up for you and then hit ’em with that Venmo payment. If you can afford to, of course. 

Available online May 1, 11am UK BST, at