Nyjah Talks New Parts, Documentary and Olympics

Now, here’s something we wouldn’t expect. Nyjah Huston picking up the phone and chatting with… Cosmopolitan magazine. Yeah, we were a bit thrown off too. But hey, any chance we get to hear about what the dude has been up to we’ll take it.

Although, the Olympics may have been postponed it’s not like Nyjah’s just been sitting around scrolling on the Gram. He’s been doing his best to film a bunch of stuff. That includes parts that may be dropping at the end of this year or early next, which would be dope.

Huston has also been continuing to work on a documentary about his life, upbringing, and life leading up to the Olympics next year. Given that’s the case we’d guess the doc will drop sometime after next year’s Games.

You can check out the full interview here.