Recently, Neil Macdonald over at North Skate Mag sat down with the acclaimed Michael Burnett. Now, if you’re asking yourself, “wait, who the fu*k is Michael Burnett” you’ve got some studying to do. 

Burnett is currently a photographer and editor of Thrasher. Yes, that Thrasher. He’s worked at the mag for more than two decades and got his start when he cold-called Jake to ask if he could do a piece on the Colorado skate scene while going to school at the University of Colorado. Not long after graduating, he scooped up a gig shooting photos for Thrasher in Southern California and the rest was history. 

Head over to North Skate Mag to check out the full piece.

Some insight on where Thrasher is headed…

To get to these smaller skate crews, internationally, is where I think Thrasher’s growth is. Bringing more people who are doing cool shit in, and always at the heart of that is skaters and media people with a vision that they really give a shit about and that they want to do. 

What it’s like trying to pick SOTY…

Picking SOTY is not fun; it’s never a good time and somebody’s always mad about it. I like celebrating epic skating, but that particular part is not my favourite thing.

Reflecting on his past time with the likes of Muska and Cardiel…

I did a Shorty’s tour with Muska, when he was wearing the full outfit, and I have some photos but I wish I’d taken the time to get more portraits, and just hang around more. Things don’t seem as precious in the moment, and then later you look back like, “Holy shit!”. Things take on different meanings, different weights, over time.

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