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North Skate Mag Chats Up Mike Blabac

"If you have a certain style, then regardless of what the medium is, if that sets you apart"

North Skate Mag recently sat down with Mike Blabac. You know, only one of the most badass skate photographers around. Blabac got his start after a photo he shot of Edward DeVera ended up in an issue of Transworld in 1994. From there he got a gig snapping photos of the Mad Circle team who were bonkers. The original team was Justin, Chris Fissell, and Mike Cao. But we digress.

Blabac continued his career shooting for Girl and Chocolate, later becoming the Director of Skateboarding Photography for DC, and even releasing Family Portraits, a 192-page hardcover book with 25 years of skateboarding portraits.

He recently caught up with North Skate Mag to talk about everything from his go-to gear (spoiler: Nikon DSLRs) to how certain music brings him back to certain shoots. Like how Slayer will always remind of being at a ramp with Danny Way, while other tracks take him back to shooting Kalis at Love Park.

Check out the full interview here.