Netflix To Debut Skate Film Next Year

Netflix continues to scoop up mountains of content for your viewing pleasure. Fortunately for us, the latest is a skate flick. Desert Dolphin tells the story of Prarna (Rachel Saanjita Gupta), a girl in rural India who’s introduced to skating and pushes every day to uplevel her game to compete in a national championship.

As part of the movie, they constructed India’s largest and Rajasthan’s first skatepark to be featured in our film instead of shooting at an existing location. Desert Dolphin Skatepark is located in the rural villages in Khempur-Mavli district and was constructed with the support of Indian and international volunteers. The park remains free for public use and is one of India’s largest.

Netflix said they expect the film to go live at some point next year. In the meantime, you can scope out a video of the park buildout above.