Nat Geo’s Full Length Feature

A Look at How Skating Influenced Global Culture

Nat Geo has been around for more than 131 years. I know, it blew our mind too. And in that time they’ve never published a feature on anything related to skating! Until now that is.

The publication recently dropped a massive feature in it’s June issue. It’s basically the Spark Notes version of packs 70+ years of skate history into one story.

Want some inside intel from OG and Rip City Skate’s owner Jim McDowell? It’s got it.

Interested in riding along with Salba and Oski to check out how they spend their day-to-day? Read up!

Feel like scoping out some badass photos? It’s got ‘em.

You can read the full feature from Nat Geo here.




P.S. It’s super rad to see Nat Geo continue to push further into skate culture. A little more than a year ago they partnered with Element to create a capsule collection. Select hardgoods and apparel paired badass photos from the National Geographics vault with Element’s timeless skate photography.