Muska Skateboards In The Works?

Earlier this week we saw The Muska post a quick clip of him on his board. The next day he had a post up on IG that he was out skating with the homies. And today it looks like he’s getting his own board company started!

Now, this could all be hearsay. But, upon a closer look at his recent IG post it looks like he’s getting his own board company up and going on Shopify.

Take a closer look at the top left-hand corner of the photo – “Muska Skateboards.”

We’re not sure what he has in the works but we couldn’t be more stoked to find out.

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Nothing is something because it is a place to start! – Come on computer Muska!!! You can build this website!!! You can put out products on your own!!! You don’t need a middleman that takes it all!!! You can design everything!!! You can create the marketing assets!!! Photography, Video, Editing, Graphic Design, Sound Design!!! You can do all these things yourself!!! You can build manufacturing and logistical relationships, you can rethink every business step you ever made leading up to this point and design this business accordingly. You can be afraid of failure, but don’t stop. You can do this, I believe in you. – THIS MORNINGS MESSAGE TO MYSELF!!! – Hopefully good news tomorrow morning if all goes as planned!!! – Doing this solo, just like I build my walls!!! But have already had @jamiethomas giving me some great guidance, encouragement and help on this venture! – 30 some years in the making! I will finally release my first completely independent project. More info to come tomorrow.

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