Mike Vallely Street Plant

Mike V Talks Sustainability and Street Plant Naturals

Popular Mechanics (just go with us) caught up with Mike V and Street plant for an in-depth chat about the company and its sustainability efforts in the latest episode of their “MADE HERE” series.

MADE HERE by Popular Mechanics is a short-form video series exploring how things are made around the world. The 5-minute video explores how Vallely and his daughter, Emily, who co-owns Street Plant worked with Daniel Creadon, owner of Factory13 Skateboards, to create a custom, sustainable, environmentally friendly line of boards called Street Plant Naturals.

Most of the time we don’t really think about where our board came from or how it got under our feet. But when Mike V took a step back from things after starting Street Plant to weigh the impact skateboard production had on the environment.

“If there’s anything we can do as a company to be more responsible, we should at least try… That’s where the idea for the Street Plant Naturals comes from.”

Between the Deluxe Distribution “Keep it Rolling” program that helps skateboard products get re-used and passed onto others in need and what Mike V and Creadon are doing, it’s great to see how there are folks out there trying to make a difference.

You can read the full interview with Mike V and Daniel Creadon over on Popular Mechanics’ website.