Madars Apse “Skate Tales”

Exploring Skating's Outside Edge

This week Red Bull dropped its latest video series, “Skate Tales.” The six-part series is hosted by Madars Apse who is looking to explore skateboarding’s “outside edge.” What the f*ck does that mean? Well, basically, Madars travels the world to not only skate with but learn from the people who are pushing the boundaries of skating.

The first episode featuring the one and only, Bam Margera is live on YouTube but you can binge the whole series if you head on over to Red Bull’s site.

Yes, it’s full of some of the stuff you’d expect. Swinging by LOVE Park in Philly. Heading to Woodward. But Madars also heads to the streets of Japan, where he kicks it with the Osaka Daggers crew. They talk about how a few of them disconnected from skate media altogether back in the day to create their own style.

Through skating, I got to travel the world. I speak Portuguese, Spanish a little bit of English. And it has given me wisdom; it is a conscious choice I made in life.

And to close out the series he makes his way all the way to Ethiopia. You might not expect it to have such a thriving scene but the kids down there have created their own movement – Ethiopia Skate.

If you have a couple of hours to kill this weekend definitely check that shit out!