A Candid Conversation with Co-founder of The Ben Raemers Foundation, Lucy Raemers

Highlighting an Important Issue Not Usually Talked About

Co-founder of The Ben Raemers Foundation, Lucy Raemers recently sat down with F Word Magazine. Her brother Ben was one of the best British skateboarders ever, period. Ben tragically passed away about a year ago after his battle with mental health. 

In the incredibly open conversation, Lucy spoke about the importance of recognizing mental health issues among men and the things that need to be done to bring forth effective changes for the better. In only a year’s time, they’ve done some amazing things including a Skate Jam in October and most recently the SMiLe Interviews series.

The foundation “aims to end the stigma that often clouds [the] issues of mental health within the skateboarding community.” 

Take some time to have a read and pass it on to anyone you think it may help.