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Leo Baker on Living Authentically

Leo Baker has been on a tear as of late. Between Leo’s Orange Label collection drop back in March, a documentary feature in May, a Bronson G3 colorway, and roster spot in the new Tony Hawk game, they should just call it a year. But instead, Baker keeps pushing and recently sat down with POPSUGAR.

Baker sat down for an important conversation to talk about their journey to embracing themselves as a nonbinary person.

They talked about what it was like coming up as a pro in the women’s category and having to deal with the struggle of doing things because it was what sponsors encouraged and surprising their true gender identity.

Baker also talks about The NYC Skate Project, a space they formed that aims to give a platform to LGBTQ+ and women skaters. In a previous interview, Baker mentioned they “want queer and trans folks, not only to see themselves represented in this industry but to feel safe and welcomed.” 

Definitely take some time out to read the POPSUGAR piece here and be on the lookout for a lot more that Baker has in the works.