Keith Hufnagel



The king of ollies, Keith Hufnagel was one of the biggest and most influential dudes of the entire 1990s skateboarding scene. Does that mean he’s not still killing it in the new century? Not at all — he’s still killing it around the world both as a skateboarder and as an influencer of its culture.

Skateboarding is about freedom, adrenaline, creativity.

You’ve probably heard of the HUF the brand, which he’s somehow managed to turn into a f*cking empire without losing sight of the spirit that got him to where things are today . Meanwhile, he’s still skateboarding, ollie-ing like an alien from outer space, and running some of the sickest skateboarding tours in the game — like the Huf X Thrasher Stoops Euro Tour.

Oh and fun fact, badass designer Benny Gold created the HUF logo back in the day when he and Huf were introduced through a mutual friend. 


Keith is known for being one of the first and greatest skateboarders to come up and find success out of the San Francisco scene. He started skateboarding at the age of 4, and now he’s leading one of the most influential skateboarding companies on the entire planet. How’s that for inspiration?