Kareem Campbell Welcomes Tony Hawk On The Ghetto Bird Show

Kareem Campbell is out with episode 3 of The Ghetto Bird podcast, and he’s bringing in his first guest. This man needs no intro because he is literally everywhere, and you may have heard of him. It’s the Birdman himself, Tony Hawk.

Campbell and Hawk covered a ton! Here’s a quick rundown in no paticular order:

    • How the #thps roster was formed
    • Balancing core skating values with business demands like making big box stores sell skateboards that “work”
    • The difference in difficulty between doing the 900 vs. the loop
    • Girl skateboarders around the world
    • The 360 flip that broke the internet
    • Some history between Tony & Kareem
    • The impact of the #tonyhawkproskater game
    • Skating the White House and joking with Obama, and much more!

This is a must-watch! Two OG legends.