Kareem Campbell Gets in the Podcast Game

First Episode of The Ghetto Bird Show Drops Sunday, 7/12

Kareem Campbell is getting into the podcast game with a new project titled The Ghetto Bird Show.

According to its website, the show is going to cover Kareem’s view on culture and share his insights into some of his most epic moments.

But Kareem isn’t going at it alone. He’s accompanied by Rob Cahill who will be by his side.

As a 30-year OG of skating and someone who’s always been at the forefront of culture, this is going to be a must-watch. Over the years Campbell has been pretty low-key so being able to hear firsthand accounts of things as they went down is going to be rad.

It looks like the first episode drops Sunday, 7/12 and the first 500 subscribers over on YouTube are going to receive special access and perks. Don’t miss out.