Julia Brueckler Debuts New Hot-to Skate Series

Pro skater Julia Brueckler has been known to crush it on the European street circuit and now, she’s showing you hot-to too.

The pro has started a new YouTube channel where she’s sharing all her tips and tricks so you can pop, slide and shred even better. The first explainer video in the series breaks down the front shuv.

And for all you out there who are like, “mehhh I rip. I don’t need any tips.” Well, then keep on ripping. But just so you know, Brueckler was also a coach for more than a decade at an indoor park in Indiana so you’re getting some legit insight!

As to why she started the channel… Brueckler said, “If one single person can get that single trick he or she has been working on then I’ve reached my goal.”

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