Isamu Yamamoto Flat Ground Freestyle Blows Up On Twitter


There’s been a clip making its way around Twitter and Reddit and we couldn’t not spin up a quick something about it. What we’re talking about is the amazing Japanese skateboarder Isamu Yamamoto crushing 2 minutes of flat ground that has racked up a remarkable 10+ million views.

Although he may only be 17-years-old (yup, you read that right) he’s been skating for years. At 14 he took home first place at the World Freestyle Round-Up Skateboarding Championships in Canada. Back then, he was the first person to win the competition with an insane Mortal Kombat-style ender, using two skateboards at the same time.

In the clip making waves around Twitter, he again uses two decks in an insane flat ground combo that seems like he’s just sort of messing around. The steeze literally drips off this dude.

Yamamoto dropped the video on Twitter last Friday, July 24th. In less than a week, it blew up. If you watch nothing else today, watch this. And if you were wondering yes, Yamamoto says Rodney Mullen is his idol.