Humanity Stoked Releases Trailer

Humanity Stoked is an unprecedented feature-length documentary that features some of the biggest names in skating, arts, and entertainment.

The film explores ways in which we can peacefully, openly, and intelligently advance humanity into the future. The conversations focus on issues like human rights, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, what we teach children about fear, environmental protection, and more.

A handful of skaters including Brian Anderson, Chad Muska, Chris Cole, Tyshawn Jones, Boo Johnson, give their unique perspective on what can be done to create positive progress and change.

In an interview with NY Skateboarding last year the documentary’s director, Michael Ien Cohen said that his goal was to:

Help make sure whatever direction we move in, wherever we end up, it’s because it’s a result of careful, open-minded, reasonable contemplation, and not as a result of insecurities, ignorance, fear, hate, intolerance and the turning of our backs on science and facts in general.

The full film is slated for release in the fall but in the meantime, you can check out the trailer.