Hakeem Ducksworth x LA Galaxy

Pro skater Hakeem Ducksworth hooked up with Black Arrow FC and the LA Galaxy for a short documentary that documents his journey from Compton to experiencing his first professional soccer match.

The film is a 5 minute, stylized skate video, that touches on what it means to be a black skater from Compton – and how the lifestyle of skating kept him out of trouble. Ducksworth grew up in Compton, learned to skate, and eventually signed with Chocolate.

“Going to the stadium and feeling all the love from the LA Galaxy fans was crazy,” shared Ducksworth. “You could feel the energy throughout the whole stadium. You don’t even have to know anyone, you just feel love. That’s how it is with skateboarding too, it’s just all love through this one thing we all love. I definitely plan on being more of a part of the soccer culture – LA Galaxy to be specific because this is my city and this is my home.”