Go Skateboarding Day 2020

This Sunday is Go Skateboarding Day. Otherwise, a time where people from around the world would come together in celebration of skating and all it’s done will be a bit different this year.

On June 21, 2020, Go Skateboarding Day will still be a celebration. Thousands of skaters will come together. But this year they’ll not only come together in solidarity of skateboarding. They’ll come together in solidarity of equal rights and justice.

The roots of the skateboard community are steeped in counterculture and community, which is why it’s positioned to push back against a system of systematic racism. While protest rides are popping up across the country this Sunday, it’s also important the skate community take a good look at itself and the need to shake its own systemic biases.

In the midst of a global health crisis and civil rights crisis, Go Skateboarding Day can be both a welcome distraction and also a platform to helps elevate the issues that need to not only be discussed but changed. Let’s make it happen. 

Check out the Go Skateboarding Day website, IG, or follow #GoSkateBoardingDay for a list of rides happening.

And if you’re heading out this weekend don’t forget to wear a mask!