éS Menikmati

Fred Mortagne Talks éS Menikmati 20 Years Later

Fred Mortagne is a photographer and director who’s been shooting skating for decades. He’s best known for filming and editing one of the most epic skate videos in history, éS‘ “Menikmati.”

Now, exactly 20 years later, he’s sitting down with SOLO skate mag to reflect on everything from the style of shotting to picking a song for Koston’s part.

Picking a song for Eric wans’t easy. I tried many tunes. When I finally picked this one, he wasn’t sure about it. He said he would show it to Ty Evans. In a way, I was slightly offended that he wasn’t trusting me and wanted a feedback from Ty. But it’s good he did that, and Ty approved the tune.

Check out the in-depth piece on SOLO’s website. And while you’re at it you may as well scope out Menikmati again. After all, it only features some of the greatest skaters on the planet.