FA Brings Online Products To Life With Commentary From Dill

Just when you think FA is going to take a break and enjoy their hard work they do the exact opposite. The brand recently debuted “Listen to Dill” links on the latest products that live in its online store.

The commentary from Dill provides a firsthand account of things like – say, how a board came to be. Take for example what Dill had to say about the beginnings of the Aiden Hologram board.

The Aiden Hologram board has a collage made in the background… I found all these punk rock zines from the 80s at this thrift store wrapped in a zip lock thing that were all tapped together. Anyway, I would send Aiden little pictures out of it and he had no idea we were building this board for him…

One other thing we noticed is that it looks like FA has also begun selling books too. All of which include commentary as well. If you remember, when Dill was on The Nine Club’s “Stop And Chat” he mentioned he was reading a ton, including trying to finish all of Steinbeck.

Rad to see FA expand the boundaries of skating to include other forms of art.

And here’s a screenshot of where you can find the “Listen to Dill” link next to the products in FA’s online store.Aidan Hologram Fucking Awesome